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YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT - BELOW ARE VIDEOS OF HEALTHY ALTERNATIVES.  SAMPLES  I will try to update often.  Please email me if you want any help with substituting bad food for healthy alternatives.  I will answer from my own experiences.  ookkrraa70@gmail.com The reason the top videos are blank is it is a lot of work to scroll down so I added spaces to put the rest of my healthy alternatives which are not yet complete.  just scroll down there are plenty of ideas for you below.   I have many more videos on my Youtube channels just google:.  Trudi Trahan-upchan Youtube

Healthy alternative to cavities & dental bills here is a young girl who came up with a simple easy all natural way "How to Remove Dental Plaque 5 Minutes Naturally Without Going To The Dentist. I know you must do this twice a day am & before bed.  I have a high PH factor & plague builds in my teeth abnormally fast and have spent tens of thousands on my teeth because of it.  Better late than never.

If you want healthy tips, follow Sandy http://www.facebook.com/wisdomfromthewell 


Mom 96, & Trudi 73.  Sandy has an  amazing volume of knowledge and has helped us with keeping our diet healthy as well as keeping us up-to-date on nutritional suggestions, what to eat, what not to eat & more.

Another site I like is, www.recipesforyourallergies.com