O K R A  --D  I  E  T  4  ALL ,    I  N  C  L  U  D  E  S    A L L E R G I E S ,     D I S E A S ES ,   T O X I N S  &  C H E M I C A L S . 

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OKRA4LIFE is a simple condensed life style system that can reverse brain damage, restore lost memory & increase brain power.  November 23, 2018, 77 & proud of it.  Trudi Trahan-upchan, human rights activist all my life.  Above section: Research 2013 diets4all is full length research &  cannot be updated, extensive scientific research of over  47 years going back 5,000 years, too complicated for sick people.  It was my goal to edit and create diets for people too sick to read complicated books (like I did) and simplify it.  Give you quickly what works!    Diet should be as much organic as possible, plant bases foods, vegetarian organic protein, organic yogurt or kefir to increase your healthy bacteria, and water soluble fibre like okra (just a couple too much will cause diarrhea). NO PROCESSES FOODS, NO CHEMICALS & PESTICIDES.  I do not include here all the research,  basically designed for scientists and educators or anyone who wants to become more expert at health through food not drugs.  I also have a simplified section: OKRA DIET VIDEOS see above.  18 videos to visually show you how to buy your food safely and what foods to avoid that are high in pesticides.      OKRA4LIFE is a simplified system that most world celebrities who hire nutritional experts are aware of, except for my personal discovery that raw or frozen not cooked OKRA will activate sections of your brain that basically you cannot achieve or reach by yourself.  Okra has the unique ability to within just a few days increase your brain power, it reversed my brain damage dramatically almost overnight after suffering for over 22 years with memory loss.   I HAVE SPECIAL PROGRAM FOR WEIGHT LOSS AND UNIQUE KNOWLEDGE TO REBUILD BONE LOSS & MUSCLE DESIGNED FOR SENIORS OR PEOPLE SUFFERING WITH OSTEOPOROSIS - see "SENIORS DIETS".   "WEIGHT DETOX" See also unique weight loss system to discover which foods are your personal enemy.  You will be amazed at what you will discover about yourself.
I have uploaded everything important including my story and all research onto my Facebook timeline for posterity.
Anyone who has pain and cramps after eating - you have been poisoned by today's lifestyle and pesticides, chemicals in our foods, probably your gut is damaged, with bad bacteria and low good bacteria, + metabolic breakdown.  Go to "Supreme Diet" and separate all your food groups.  It took me 70 years to get my Parkinsonism under control because in Canada - we do not have the right to know what is in our food!.  Good luck and may God bless you in becoming healthy.

National Centre for disease control USA reported that after a ten year study found that dancing reversed Alzhiemers, memory loss, bone loss and heart disease far more effective than working out with weights or in a gym because it uses your brain to remember the routines as well as your whole body.  Raw okra reversed brain damage & memory loss to many people but still remains my discovery, sadly is not publicly known.

KETO DIET WARNING:  It can be very effective short term but in the long term can cause cell damage by depriving your cells of complex carbohydrates.  At 77 and a tumour on my leg caused extensive nerve damage and set me back 30 years.  It took over 4 years for me to repair it following the okra diet system but bowel damage or leaky gut syndrome has been helped by adding after my main supper meal:  1/2 teaspoon of organic coconut oil or eating one avocado.