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The following 3 videos are special, 1 taught to me by Ski pros in lovely Collingwood, Ontario, 2, Roxanne, beautiful Tango pro, Toronto & 3 by a Tia Chi master who saw I was too sick to ever do anything fancy.  4.  By a child, 1987, Collingwood, Ontario when I was terminal who took me by the hand to the swings and said they help her when she gets weak after being sick.  

MUSCLE WASTING can be caused my many things.  Clindamycin anti-biotic did kill her Feb 2017 shortly after her 98th birthday.  I put out that story and sent it to the FDA who thanked me and confirmed Clindamycin is deadly poisonous.  She took 3 heart attacks back to back and by the time i got her off it it was too late.  We fought 6 months to keep her alive. 2016: 2015; But year before that Mom got muscle wasting disease suddenly & was starving to death while eating 4 very healthy meals plus snacks.  She went from 130 lbs to 110 in a very short while.  Then suddenly she lost 2 lbs in a day & 3 lbs overnight dropping to 105 lbs.  Her muscles disappeared despite, dancing 3 times a week, climbing 2 flights of stairs numerous times a day, morning back exercises, did all her own housecleaning, grocery shopping and far more and stronger than I ever could.  Terrified I begged for help but no one in Canada would help.  A doctor (who shall remain anonymous) had put her on a disgusting product called "Ensure".  This product is loaded with canola crappolla, white sugar, chemical additives and not fit for man nor beast!  While on it she lost an additional 10 lbs.  Mom is not one to tell me anything until she has one foot in the grave and this time I was not sure I could save her.  Once again, Americans rushed to my aid, especially JoAnn Hyde who sent me very important articles that helped me to understand.  To make a 4 week terrifying long story short I was amazed to discovered from American Medical government agencies that muscle wasting is now known to be caused by the thyroid hormone imbalance - furthermore - it affects everyone from children to elderly and is triggered by a wide variety of diseases, from cancer, heart, lung, asthma, Diabetes, Paget etc.  And despite what disease has triggered muscle wasting is can be treated by first a very simple diet.  Then of course proper blood tests to identify the thyroid hormone imbalance which can also be treated by prescribed medication.  I did not get any help from anyone in Canada until July 21, when we went to see mom's specialist who was more than willing to send mom to an Endocrinologist, Dr. Haroon, here in Sudbury Ontario, Canada.  In the United States any doctor can do it.  What follows is the diet that stopped my mother from dying.  I will first complete the diet making it a simple as possible.  The article that gave me this information is from Dr. Mercola's interview with Dr. Wayne Pickering (themangoman).  What is truly astounding to me is that this diet they call food combining was actually first published 1951 by Herbert M. Shelton, then later best known as the Hay diet, followed by Fit for Life 1985 & is now supported by Dr. Wayne Pickering, of Florida USA.  Fact is I have an original copy of the 1951 diet & was on it or tried it as a teenager as I was sick and tired of always being sick and tired.  In my case, due to my chemical intolerances to toxic chemical additives, Rapeseed oil alias Canola oil, of course no diet works if your are being continually poisoned.  None of this knowledge is known in Canada.  Yesterday, we met with mom's Paget disease specialist, a wonderful woman, originally from India, Dr. Ranga Shivakumar who unlike so many here is willing to think outside the box, agreed that since the diet and enzymes brought mom's weight from 105 to 110 & holding she should continue with it.  Many still call such diets quackery but to hell with them!!  Mom is alive and well so if it works don't fix it!!  Furthermore Dr. Ranga is sending mom to an Endocrinologist Dr. Haroon who will check if indeed she has a hormone imbalance.  I did add a dozen or more different supplements but they truthfully did not affect mom either good or badly.  Mom has recent blood tests that show her blood is not nutrient deficient so while her body was literally feeding off itself it was necessary that she be on many refer to as "essentials".  I added whey protein to her diet but it too had no affect either good or bad.  I think if possible one should get a kind compassionate doctor who is willing to assist one as I once had in Wasaga Beach, Ontario, Dr. Cowan who worked with my American research, and tested my blood regularly to see what if anything was working or not. 

    We are lucky to have doctors like Dr. Ranga.  But truthfully, if I had not received from the many kind American medical websites and agencies the information on diet, muscle wasting & hormone imbalance etc - Canada still lists the causes of muscle wasting as unknown & it is very likely my mother would have died untreated.   20% of children with cancer who survived both the cancer & treatment are dying from muscle wasting being left untreated.  So quackery be damned.  The diet system of SEPARATING FOOD GROUPS worked on mom 97 so let us be real, anything is possible.  And too many die needlessly because diet is ignored.  When you cannot get the nutrition from your food it is metabolic breakdown.  I have suffered with that almost all my life.  The reason may be not the same as children with cancer or mom with Paget Disease but the end result is the same, you die from muscle wasting & starving to death while eating as the food is not being digested.  Furthermore I found a recent study that people 100 years old were tested in a double blind study, one group given nothing and the other given CARNITINE 2 g daily including exercises, some of which was published on David Perlmutter MD website.  The results were astounding, they not only gained muscle mass but those overweight lost fat.  The fact that I was on this system as a teenager is almost laughable if not so tragic.  

      For me calling this diet, "FOOD COMBINING" is misleading & confusing.  This diet for my purposes shall be called "SEPARATING FOOD GROUPS DIET" because that is exactly what it is.  The simplest explanation I refer to Dr. Wayne Pickering's article on Dr. Mercola's website.  *** AM  FRUIT ONLY      LUNCH CARBOHYDRATE ONLY   2 hours after lunch she had her veggies.   SUPPER & EVENING PROTEIN ONLY.  Supper is organic meat or fish with mushrooms.  10 pm is Greek Yogurt also a protein meal.  11:30 mom had to have her oat porridge or she could not sleep. Okay that breaks the rule but one can only do the best they can.  I immediately had mom separate all her food groups and do the best she could to not bundle her food together & try to get her off gravies & sauces.  Even though she is not 100% perfectly following this system it almost overnight stopped her losing anymore weight & muscle & she held at 105 lbs.  If I ever have to go on this system again I will follow it 100% but mom is 97 and frankly I know of no child, or person that can follow any diet 100%.  So to gain weight I got the help of Alesha at our local Wellness Shoppe health food store & she recommended mom go on a broad based Enzyme with each meal.  Breakfast is fruit with pineapple as pineapple is highest in natural enzymes to digest fruit properly.

      To follow this system 100% you should take the enzyme that is correct for each separate food group.  I think that is what I would do.  However; today just for now, my mom went from DEATH TO DANCING.


HERE is a photo page from US NATIONAL LIBRARY OF MEDICINE NATIONAL INSTITUTES OF HEALTH: Confirming that the thyroid hormone is essential in the regulation of human muscle protein metabolism.  There is the science folks!  No doctor can dispute that!!  JoAnn Hyde, associate of UNIVERA essentials & products sent me articles from www.Lifeextension.com on Catabolic Wasting - Cachexia & Sarcopenia, covering the understanding of muscle wasting & prevention.  They recommend that everyone over 40 should get their hormones tested but you would find that very hard in Canada.  If possible it makes sense because once you loose muscle mass it is very difficult to regain it back.  The most helpful websites are from doctors who do sell products but are willing to provide you with useful information without insisting on your buying from them first.  Dr. Mercola.com is my No.1 go to on that list.  Mayo Clinic is excellent.  National Centre for Disease Control is wonderful, as are all American agencies I have contacted over a 30 year period.  Dr. Wayne Pickering's (mangomanblog.com) program is basically designed to loose weight, however, I did inform him that it has worked to save mom's life & providing she takes an enzyme with each meal she has gained 5 lbs & holding at a decent weight.  I also added the CARNITINE only 750 mg.  I will increase if there is no improvement in her muscles.  I don't like to start any supplement at the highest but prefer to gradually increase if necessary.  So far mom said she was feeling very weak a lot, and now feels a lot stronger.  The most important factor about Carnitine is that you must combine exercise & it must be taken with protein.  Vegetarians will have to figure that out for themselves.  Mom is on organic meats (never beef), chicken, pork, Rainbow Trout or wild Salmon is a preferred fish, & rarely veal.  Plus you must do exercise or it will not work to rebuild muscle mass.  Since mom's legs get more than enough exercise I have her doing simple standing push-ups against he kitchen counter 1/2 hour before her protein supper meal as was recommended.  David Perlmutter MD website covers CARNITINE & this subject very well.  Dr. Mercola has a very in depth article on your digestive system for people who are not familiar with the subject of how to restore oneself back to good health.  I have been at this all my life & truthfully it is almost ridiculous to re-discover that I was on this food separating system in 1951 & just found my copy of the original book.  I was so weak, crippling at age 6, hated being thin, felt ugly so I began to research very young how to get myself well.  I am living proof that we are producing genetic mutations in our children by allowing our country & companies to poison our air/food/water with no thought to the consequences.  I don't agree with flat statements of "People don't die - they kill themselves."  Not true.They kill their children.  There was no reason for me to suffer as I did.  And had I not been poisoned over and over again my life would have been wonderful, instead of living with dying as I do.  I just also found a few pictures of me skinny & remember how I insisted on eating my food groups separate.  1959 I look very good, my weight was excellent at about 117 lbs, 5 ft. 8" tall, as I had continued to eat most of my food groups separate simply because it made me feel good, & I hated being skinny.  My preferred weight was always 125 but I never got to that until a few years ago at the age of 70.  One other very important point.  While mother was starving to death - she continued to eat okra every day & she continued to have a perfect memory despite her terminal condition.  OKRA IS A MUST IN EVERY DAY - EITHER FRESH OR FROZEN - NEVER COOKED.  Dr. Wayne Pickering emailed me confirming that he also uses okra but for him Okra is more about detoxifying & keeping the bowel from constipation.  We in the north have to buy it frozen, by the time it gets to us fresh it is not safe raw, unless we can get it from somewhere local - and I have never been that lucky.  I constantly have to fight with our grocers to keep them from discontinuing carrying it.   I just can't get people to realize that it does not just reverse brain damage but it is ANTI-AGING.  PLEASE SHARE THIS PAGE.  You may save the life of children who are dying with muscle wasting and not being treated.  Recently a woman in Sudbury  56 years old died from muscle wasting because no one knew how to treat it.  

Frankly I do not approve of a 100% vegan diet because my bowels must have daily kefir and yogurt or I cannot function or digest food properly.  DR. OZ POINTS OUT TO BEWARE OF FAKE YOGURT, they are loaded with additives and made from powered milk and are not healthy.  Only pure organic yogurt O fat should be in your diet.  Hard to find in Sudbury.  Be careful about going into new diets that human were not meant to be on.  Vegetarian and organic is by far better in my opinion with a small amount of clean green grain fed antibiotic meat and egg in moderation a few times a week.  No two people are 100% genetically the same and no one diet works for everyone and to discover what food may be your personal enemy go to my free website
www.okra-diet-detox.com  Includes weight loss and special osteoporosis, bone disease diet program that kept my mother dancing, climbing stair (which I never could do), at 97 despite Paget Disease, bone marrow leukaemia & Arthritis.
 Please share as when I die all my work will disappear.

Try walking in wilderness if you can - the cleaner the air - the better you get!


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Age is just a number they tattooed on your ass the day you were born - it doesn't mean a thing!

Just because mom is 97 I don't believe it is okay to just let her die.  I don't see any reason why I can't fight to keep her alive & healthy to 110!

2013-2014 Best year I ever had!  Climbing 2,000 feet my beloved Capreol Mountain the most beautiful place in Ontario wilderness.  And world's best kept secret.  I spend most of my time skiing just me & Dan.  Bunch of couch potatoes in the north!  Now if I was 25 again, I'd get together with some of my European clients & build a year round resort here!  Canadians aren't smart enough to think of doing that here.  


Trained as a model - I learned to look good even when dying.  But if you see me in the morning I am a frightful mess.  I like to make fun of myself.  I wake sick every day of my life & have to fight to get to my feet & reverse the Parkinsonism since the age of 6.  And I am not much of a cook.  Thank god my honey bun of 31 years Dan is a great housekeeper because I sure as heck ain't.  Between fight to survive, human rights activism, rescuing mom - any day I ain't dead or in a wheel chair is a good day!

If i cannot find snow I cross country ski on slippery grass.

76 & jiving.

Wind sailing was my best sport when I was rich, not so famous and could go on a lake where boats and toxic fumes were banned.  Those days are long gone but what a memory.