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Rapeseed oil alias Canola oil is toxic proven in science.

Posted on June 30, 2017 at 5:25 PM

Update Dec 2. 2017;   My immune system collapsed after the distress of Trent Falldien destroying my life's work, took my life savings leaving me homeless and all that I fought & risked my life for to get human rights for Canadians is now a lost cause.  My despair was just too much for my damaged immune system.  So one day at at time I pray that god get my work to someone who will publish the truth.  Laws in Canada promote fraud, property theft & criminal behavior from which we cannot fight as our entire court & political system is designed by criminals for criminals.    That story is on my other websites:  http://rights4all-news.webs.com (restricted). Not restricted: www.okra-diet-detox.com/LAWS & RIGHTS www.seniors-rights4all.com I had a few months of dancing for which I am truly grateful.  My body is invaded by so many virus I am once more housebound.  

My success in reversing nerve damage was on June 30, 2017, 76, & able to dance once more, have again recovered from nerve damage, which this time was caused by a tumour,  Believe it nor not, my amazing recovery was again due to the Okra diet for disease control system & it was created from research provided mainly from American scientific agencies + my visions.  1995 a wonderful woman risked her life to send me copies of the scientific evidence in Animal research from USA libraries that Health Canada covered up which proved RAPESEED OIL ALIAS CANOLA OIL caused the symptoms of my Parkinsonism disease to animals that ate it.  But it took me until I was 70 to gain a functional recovery. And from there it has never been perfect due to circumctances beyond human control and a tumour in my right leg muscle.  I tried in vain to get the research out to stop the poisoning of children.  I remain fearful as all the science proving Rapeseed oil alias Canola, has since been deleted from all American Libraries, (Canada never had it) & despite copying it onto Google Docs I have never found a way to get it preserved freely for hundreds of years to come to the public.  If anyone knows of any way to preserve all my okra diets for disease control (also okra-diet-detox & seniors diets) research including the Animal scientific research I have on Google Docs can be shared and preserved for free, forever infinitum - please let me know.  I tried to reach the Google founders hoping they would preserve it for me but just don't have the publicity needed to reach such important people. Getting people to share my work despite it is free - has been an impossible task - and it remains in the hands of a very few people, and no other health group has recognized that raw Okra reverses brain damage.  Why is a mystery?

I am too over whelmed with property rights lawsuits to continue trying to share with the world how to reverse Parkinsonism or most any brain disease that has been triggered by toxic chemicals, drugs etc. simply by a few Okra a day and a diet system that is both inexpensive and simple to follow.

My websites will die when I die unless I can find a way to get Google to upload it all & preserve it for free publically infinitum.  Please help me save children from suffering as I did & share.

Okra Diet for diseases, allergies, toxic chemicals & canola (Rapeseed) oil may cause!

Posted on February 21, 2015 at 12:00 PM

SUMMATION: 1957: Trudy Upchan, (Trudi Trahan-upchan) at 16, graduation dance, Sudbury Mining and Technical School, Sudbury, Ontario, Canada. Shortly after this event, I was drugged and raped, the first time! No one lifted one finger to help in the horrific 4 years that followed, except for one man, our Mayor, Joe Fabbro. He told me to get out town; before some one kills me…

But this was nothing compared to the nightmare of what became a life time of living with starvation and dying. Successful in a career, financially secure, dancing one minute and the next a paralyzed semi-catatonic paraplegic, mind boggling pain every minute of every day, like being electrocuted through-out every fibre of my being. Memory black-outs, lasting from 2 - 5 months at a time. Hob knobbing with the rich and famous one day and the next trying desperately to escape, drowning in a sea of sexual deviant perversion, wandering the streets, in poverty, no job, no clothes, no home, no money, homeless with no memory of what had happened, where I was, how I got there or where I had been? The worst of it was wondering why no one cared?

Today I can answer all of those questions, except for the last one. Just think of it! All I had to do was boycott Canadian food and I would never have had another attack again. I would be very wealthy, perhaps married with children and perhaps even loved. Had I stayed in New York 1967 or even 1989, I would never have had another attack again, until 1994! 1994 the FDA, lifted the ban on Canola Oil in the United States. Of course then I would have started taking attacks again, but with a difference.

In New York I would have had the right to choose what I ate and what I did not. I would have had the right to know what was in the food I was buying with full disclosure on the food labels - that today still does not exist in Canada. We had no right to know legislation what so ever!

Canola caused my Parkinsonism Disease. And Canola oil may also cause Parkinsonism to millions of children around the world. I began early in my life to save the children from the brutality I endured. However; in the end, it was the children who were my salvation. What follows is what happened to me and why it can happen to you or your children.

CANOLA OIL: SINCE 1994 RAPE SEED alias Canola oil, IS GENETICALLY ALTERED TO REDUCE THE HIGHLY TOXIC ERUCIC ACID. Canola is a patented name by Monsanto but all Canola seeds are really just rape seed. Since 1994 all Canola oil sold in Canada, USA & Europe is “supposedly” altered to reduce the highly toxic chemical, erucic acid, which occurs naturally in all rape seed oil. The issue of campaigns against ge foods is clouding the issue of canola. Natural not ge (genetically engineered) altered rape seed oil is extremely toxic. Furthermore; erucic acid is not the only toxic chemical naturally in rape seed and therefore is present in all canola oil.

It is extremely important for the public to understand that genetically altered or not - RAPE SEED OR CANOLA BY ANY NAME OR IN ANY FORM, IS NOT FIT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION AND IT DESTROYED MY LIFE, COST ME MILLIONS, MY HOME BUT WORST OF ALL, MY CHILD!

I take the same paralyzing attack 2 years ago at the age of 69, 2010 that I did as a child, at 25 at 44 and 62 years of age. The attacks are the same in severity. GE altered reduced erucic acid canola oil poisoned me the same regardless of what year it was in my food.

It also is being used as a preservative because, like embalming fluid, it preserves a product for a disgusting long time. Poison Ivy is natural but should you eat it?

2010: I took a severe attack dancing at my local legion, because the kitchen staff did not put on the fan - and the Canola oil cooking fumes caused me to go into a catatonic shock. I collapsed on the floor, my legs paralyzed, I lost my ability to speak coherently. Dan MacIsaac had to carry me out to my car. The pain so horrific I was screaming. It is like being electrocuted through every fibre of my being. I was dysfunctional for several months. And it took me until 2011 November to regain my ability to climb stairs.

I had to crawl on my hands and knees indoors or outside, unable to climb. It is my opinion therefore; that production of canola oil as a source of fuel to run vehicles is no more safe than diesel or gas fumes. However; I have never in my life taken an attack from cooking fumes of olive oil or corn oil. Brazil I believe uses corn oil in vehicles. Rape alias Canola by any name is deadly toxic.


Posted on June 7, 2013 at 3:10 AM


Maria, an american, who herself was made ill by Canola when the ban was lifted in 1994, typed a condensed report for Trudi that rapeseed oil (alias canola oil) is toxic naturally and it slowly damages the immune system, which leads to symptoms too numerous to list!

It is based on research in veterinary medicine and is why canola (rape) was banned in the united states by the F.D.A. Trudi Trahan-upchan reported: Canola (rape) caused my Parkinsonism disease! If you take the time to read my biography you will see clearly that all my symptoms were in evidence in scientific research on animals that ate Canola (rape) seed oils.

There are literally thousands of documents, or at least there were. Recently, when my source last checked, they were quickly disappearing from all libraries in the U.S.A. and canada has no science available for the public! So let us just remember, if it can do that much harm to even one child, yet olive oil for 30,000 years has not ever done anything except be healthy, then why take the chance with your children?

The following is a small sample, brief excerpt of science on the toxic effects of Rapeseed Oil now being called CANOLA. A portion of which was mailed to the Ecologist by Maria Abdin, Seattle Wa. August 2001 on my behalf. The science was found in Veterinary Medicine in the USA. The documented evidence is thousands of pages, spanning decades, too lengthy in depth to duplicate here.

SYMPTOMS OF RAPESEED (alias canola) oil toxicity or poisoning include the following in animals: I prefer to word it poisoning. Arsenic is a poison but not everyone who ingests it die. Instead some victims become slowly diseased over decades, and some show very little symptoms at all, and may not until they die. Then in an autopsy can the arsenic poison be found. Rape seed alias Canola seed oil is worse. No doctor and no autopsy will discover the source as being canola (rape). Once you grasp this you will better understand the seriousness and how insidious a killer canola oil is.

Excerpts condensed science in animal research: 1930-1994:
* In sheep and cattle: respiratory problems, including laboured breathing and emphysema, haemolytic anaemia (which was the result of a chemical produced by interaction between ruminant intestinal bacteria and a chemical in rapeseed/canola, poor coordination, blindness, nervous abnormalities, hemorrhages in trachea and/or bronchial tubes, toxic hepatitis and distension of the gallbladder, pulmonary emphysema with edema and congestion of the lungs. (Smith & Jones)

* Cardiac abnormalities (reminiscent of those in the Spanish epidemic caused by toxic rapeseed oil) found in some rats fed rapeseed oil. (DeWildt & Speijers)

* A Canadian study reported that male rats fed rapeseed oil developed skin lesions and loss of hair. (Hulan) There is considerably less documentation of low-erucic acid rapeseed oil in humans since medical profession is unlikely to connect and report said adverse reactions. However, some informal reports have surfaced: A factory making apple chips fried in Canola Oil, after 9 months, the taste tester developed loose teeth and gum disease, swollen arms and legs upon rising in the morning; extreme joint pain especially in hands; cloudy vision; constipation with stools like black marbles; hearing loss; skin tears when bumped; lack of energy; hair loss and heart pain. Some of the symptoms remained 5 years after she quit the job.

MARIA’S INTEREST IN RAPESEED/CANOLA OIL's possible toxic potential came from an inquiry received from a woman (Trudi Trahan-Upchan) who suffered a variety of quite serious symptoms. These included hemorrhages (appearing some years after she discovered she had been ingesting and was using the oil without actually purchasing it), neurological disorders (including episodes of paralysis, loss of visual acuity, and acute loss of memory), kidney and liver impairment, and heart attacks.

Trudi is sure, Canola went into her diet, about 1947 because her first crippling attack is a vivid memory. Trudi was just 6 years old. In later years during her busy career, she sometimes ate in restaurants, but most often mainly vegetarian from the age of 25 - 58.

2001: Marie reported to The Ecologist in England, that Trudi, at present is very ill, and any intake of canola oil (and even eating chicken which has been fed rapeseed meal) will provoke an attack of bleeding, severe immune deficiencies, paralysis and toxic shock which can trigger a heart attack.

References: Arena, JM, Poisoning - Toxicology, Symptoms, Treatments - 3rd ed. (Springfield, Ill, Charles C. Thomas 1976) P. 113 Blood, DC, JA Henderson and OM Radostits, Veterinary Medicine - 5th ed. (Philadelphia, PA, Lea & Febiger 1979) pp 1019-1020 Church, DC. Livestock Feeds and Feeding - 2nd ed. (Englewood Cliffs, NJ, Prentice-Hall/Reston Book, 1984, p 139 DeWildt, DJ and GJA Speijers, “Influence of dietary rapeseed oil and erucic acid upon myocardial performance and hemodynamics in rats”, Toxicology and Applied Pharmacology 74, 1984 p 99 - 108 Hulan, HW, et al., The development of dermal lesions and alopecia in male rats fed rapeseed oil”, Canadian Journal of Physiol and Pharmacol. Vol 54/1 pp. 1-6. 2/76. James, TN, “The Toxic Oil Syndrome”, Clin Cardiol 17, p463-470 1984 Liener, IE, Toxic Constituents of Plant Foodstuffs - 2nd Ed. New York Academic Press, p 9 1980 Parke, DV & AL Parke, “Rapeseed oil--an autoxidative food lipid”, J. Clin Biochem Nutr 26, p51-61, 1999 Pond, CM, The Fats of Life, Cambridge, UK, Cambridge Univ. Press p 110 1998 Posada de la Paz, M, et al. “Manufacturing processes at two French rapeseed oil companies” *And the list goes on from as early as 1930 to 1999 when it seems to stop entirely.

The F.D.A. approval in 1994 after banning all Canola in U.S.A. markets previously seems to indicate there is now global acceptance without concern for the obvious medical tragedies to humans, particularly triggering chemicall hypersensitivity, increasing multiple allergies, and cascading immune deficiency impairments.