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Rapeseed oil alias Canola oil is toxic proven in science.

Posted on June 30, 2017 at 5:25 PM

Update Dec 2. 2017;   My immune system collapsed after the distress of Trent Falldien destroying my life's work, took my life savings leaving me homeless and all that I fought & risked my life for to get human rights for Canadians is now a lost cause.  My despair was just too much for my damaged immune system.  So one day at at time I pray that god get my work to someone who will publish the truth.  Laws in Canada promote fraud, property theft & criminal behavior from which we cannot fight as our entire court & political system is designed by criminals for criminals.    That story is on my other websites:  http://rights4all-news.webs.com (restricted). Not restricted: www.okra-diet-detox.com/LAWS & RIGHTS www.seniors-rights4all.com I had a few months of dancing for which I am truly grateful.  My body is invaded by so many virus I am once more housebound.  

My success in reversing nerve damage was on June 30, 2017, 76, & able to dance once more, have again recovered from nerve damage, which this time was caused by a tumour,  Believe it nor not, my amazing recovery was again due to the Okra diet for disease control system & it was created from research provided mainly from American scientific agencies + my visions.  1995 a wonderful woman risked her life to send me copies of the scientific evidence in Animal research from USA libraries that Health Canada covered up which proved RAPESEED OIL ALIAS CANOLA OIL caused the symptoms of my Parkinsonism disease to animals that ate it.  But it took me until I was 70 to gain a functional recovery. And from there it has never been perfect due to circumctances beyond human control and a tumour in my right leg muscle.  I tried in vain to get the research out to stop the poisoning of children.  I remain fearful as all the science proving Rapeseed oil alias Canola, has since been deleted from all American Libraries, (Canada never had it) & despite copying it onto Google Docs I have never found a way to get it preserved freely for hundreds of years to come to the public.  If anyone knows of any way to preserve all my okra diets for disease control (also okra-diet-detox & seniors diets) research including the Animal scientific research I have on Google Docs can be shared and preserved for free, forever infinitum - please let me know.  I tried to reach the Google founders hoping they would preserve it for me but just don't have the publicity needed to reach such important people. Getting people to share my work despite it is free - has been an impossible task - and it remains in the hands of a very few people, and no other health group has recognized that raw Okra reverses brain damage.  Why is a mystery?

I am too over whelmed with property rights lawsuits to continue trying to share with the world how to reverse Parkinsonism or most any brain disease that has been triggered by toxic chemicals, drugs etc. simply by a few Okra a day and a diet system that is both inexpensive and simple to follow.

My websites will die when I die unless I can find a way to get Google to upload it all & preserve it for free publically infinitum.  Please help me save children from suffering as I did & share.