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Okra Diet for diseases, allergies, toxic chemicals & canola (Rapeseed) oil may cause!

Posted on February 21, 2015 at 12:00 PM

SUMMATION: 1957: Trudy Upchan, (Trudi Trahan-upchan) at 16, graduation dance, Sudbury Mining and Technical School, Sudbury, Ontario, Canada. Shortly after this event, I was drugged and raped, the first time! No one lifted one finger to help in the horrific 4 years that followed, except for one man, our Mayor, Joe Fabbro. He told me to get out town; before some one kills me…

But this was nothing compared to the nightmare of what became a life time of living with starvation and dying. Successful in a career, financially secure, dancing one minute and the next a paralyzed semi-catatonic paraplegic, mind boggling pain every minute of every day, like being electrocuted through-out every fibre of my being. Memory black-outs, lasting from 2 - 5 months at a time. Hob knobbing with the rich and famous one day and the next trying desperately to escape, drowning in a sea of sexual deviant perversion, wandering the streets, in poverty, no job, no clothes, no home, no money, homeless with no memory of what had happened, where I was, how I got there or where I had been? The worst of it was wondering why no one cared?

Today I can answer all of those questions, except for the last one. Just think of it! All I had to do was boycott Canadian food and I would never have had another attack again. I would be very wealthy, perhaps married with children and perhaps even loved. Had I stayed in New York 1967 or even 1989, I would never have had another attack again, until 1994! 1994 the FDA, lifted the ban on Canola Oil in the United States. Of course then I would have started taking attacks again, but with a difference.

In New York I would have had the right to choose what I ate and what I did not. I would have had the right to know what was in the food I was buying with full disclosure on the food labels - that today still does not exist in Canada. We had no right to know legislation what so ever!

Canola caused my Parkinsonism Disease. And Canola oil may also cause Parkinsonism to millions of children around the world. I began early in my life to save the children from the brutality I endured. However; in the end, it was the children who were my salvation. What follows is what happened to me and why it can happen to you or your children.

CANOLA OIL: SINCE 1994 RAPE SEED alias Canola oil, IS GENETICALLY ALTERED TO REDUCE THE HIGHLY TOXIC ERUCIC ACID. Canola is a patented name by Monsanto but all Canola seeds are really just rape seed. Since 1994 all Canola oil sold in Canada, USA & Europe is “supposedly” altered to reduce the highly toxic chemical, erucic acid, which occurs naturally in all rape seed oil. The issue of campaigns against ge foods is clouding the issue of canola. Natural not ge (genetically engineered) altered rape seed oil is extremely toxic. Furthermore; erucic acid is not the only toxic chemical naturally in rape seed and therefore is present in all canola oil.

It is extremely important for the public to understand that genetically altered or not - RAPE SEED OR CANOLA BY ANY NAME OR IN ANY FORM, IS NOT FIT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION AND IT DESTROYED MY LIFE, COST ME MILLIONS, MY HOME BUT WORST OF ALL, MY CHILD!

I take the same paralyzing attack 2 years ago at the age of 69, 2010 that I did as a child, at 25 at 44 and 62 years of age. The attacks are the same in severity. GE altered reduced erucic acid canola oil poisoned me the same regardless of what year it was in my food.

It also is being used as a preservative because, like embalming fluid, it preserves a product for a disgusting long time. Poison Ivy is natural but should you eat it?

2010: I took a severe attack dancing at my local legion, because the kitchen staff did not put on the fan - and the Canola oil cooking fumes caused me to go into a catatonic shock. I collapsed on the floor, my legs paralyzed, I lost my ability to speak coherently. Dan MacIsaac had to carry me out to my car. The pain so horrific I was screaming. It is like being electrocuted through every fibre of my being. I was dysfunctional for several months. And it took me until 2011 November to regain my ability to climb stairs.

I had to crawl on my hands and knees indoors or outside, unable to climb. It is my opinion therefore; that production of canola oil as a source of fuel to run vehicles is no more safe than diesel or gas fumes. However; I have never in my life taken an attack from cooking fumes of olive oil or corn oil. Brazil I believe uses corn oil in vehicles. Rape alias Canola by any name is deadly toxic.

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