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Diet research: A personal story. p.24

Posted on June 6, 2013 at 5:35 PM

DANCE! DANCE! YOU COULD BE DANCING! That was the headline in my most recent article: South Side Story, Page 18, March 2012. This dance stops for the summer. For me, it is my living proof; I am the me I fought to be. I stopped going on Tuesday because of abuse by a typical Sudbury Neanderthal. Wed. Caruso with mom, Friday at the National Hotel (a dirty dive) where I have always been treated with kindness, respect. Sure didn’t get that at a bar called Grumblers! The “Nash” has amazing musicians! Although I have to step over pigeon shit to get in, it’s so worth it! Best rock’n roll bands I ever heard, costs dirt cheap. Howard Johnson singles dance where Andre D.J. plays great jive music because I whine if he doesn’t. Not often enough anywhere left in the north do I get to dance to Latin rhythms and miss dancing to my favourite “Gypsy Kings”. Alone, I just dance, with women, children, all aged men, and once even a dog on the beach. Ya. Dance is the best exercise besides climbing hills, or cross country skiing.

April to October, often I am indoor bound because of massive toxic chemicals (no pollution controls). I can’t go into the hills to walk, terrified of bears. Ran into a cougar at Windy Lake! That’s an experience I don’t wish to do again. I do whatever it takes. I danced in a gas mask & crutches when I had to. I roller bladed on a walker, Wasaga Beach, in a gas mask & Helmut. I loved my adult 3 wheel tricycle in Wasaga, which I enjoyed so much. Trapped here, with no human rights in Sudbury there was just nowhere safe for me to use it. Ski season is my best time but too short. Gee, should have married that millionaire Eskimo when I had the chance.

Spring, summer & fall is the worst, no where is truly safe for me outside. Every time I step outdoors, I risk another attack! So Dance is all I have left and by gum I DANCE CRIPPLED OR NOT. Theresa Kennedy, a friend had 50% heart damage and cured it by dancing! Dressing up helps me with being forced to live in so much abuse. If you see me in ballroom gown to go shopping for groceries you know I’m in suicidal despair.

For the record: Parkinsonism is not the same as Parkinson’s.

Its symptoms look the same because of our inability to walk, weak leg muscles make us shuffle and lose our balance. However, Parkinsonism is caused entirely by toxic chemicals and in my case by Canola Oil in particular, and it is completely avoidable and can be reversed. I got well by boycotting Canadian food, wearing a gas mask even inside our house, and take it with me at all times, as I am never safe. Even our wilderness is drowning in a sea of toxic fumes. Sudbury & District has over 300 lakes within its’ region and all are contaminated. ALL!

However; thanks to air-conditioning and great musicians, I can dance to get well. Favourite photos: Self portrait breathing clean air in wilderness.1992, not included. Also not included 250 gowns I made & designed over the years. Sewing gowns keeps my brain cells active and from turning to mush. Also it helps me deal with so much overwhelming abuse I still am forced to endure. So if you ever see me grocery shopping in a ballroom gown, you’ll know why. I am in suicidal despair! That is one of the ways that I stop me from trying to kill myself.

My life is free from pain but never free from being tortured by a society gone mad with greed. Imagine if you lived in Germany 1936, and you knew that your government and leaders were killing children, and people. And no one believed you? Well that is me! Imagine if you endured a lifetime of brutality and torture, yet watching children and people dying all around you. And no one cared. Well that is me! Despite all my efforts to the contrary - nothing has changed but me.

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