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Posted on June 6, 2013 at 10:15 PM

Despite my Parkinsonism Disease I danced & x-cross country ski, climbing Capreol Mtn. at 70! Age 44-69 I was forced to crawl on my hands & knees to climb stairs! After a lifetime of research, this is my successful “okra diet” for disease control system. ADD it to any other medical restriction you may be on. My system gives you the knowledge & power, the right to choices that I was denied!



I tested my program on too many to list but the end result is it works! My program is designed to be adjustable to any other dietary system such as diabetes or heart diets. You simply take what I have discovered and add it to your own diet restrictions. I cannot cure it but I can control it. However; painful my attacks are - I am no longer terminal, no longer a paraplegic.

My “OKRA DIET” disease control system reversed the ravages of my disease. At 70, I went from death to dancing, crippled to cross country skiing.

My Parkinsonism was first caused by sulphuric acid, Sudbury being the sewer hole of the planet, reeking of toxic fumes and no pollution controls on vehicles whatsoever! Or so I thought? I was only half right! What I did not know was that crap, RAPE SEED OIL ALIAS CANOLA OIL, was in my diet without my knowledge since early childhood.

The combination of various toxic chemicals causing an overlapping array of confusing symptoms is affecting millions of children around the globe. My diet system will help and perhaps even protect them from ever getting my disease. This is my only reason for living with all the agonizing abuse I endured. My life was a horrific holocaust. Furthermore, there is no such thing as a “canola plant!” Rape seed is the plants’ true identity. Canola is a conjured up name to hide the truth of it’’ source, since no one in their right mind with knowledge of its true toxicity would want to feed it to pigs, let alone children! More on that in my brief bio section.


The true science and proof of its toxicity can be found in veterinary medicine in most American libraries. More on that in my bio section. Small sample photo’s, media, & Diet research, personal story, is followed by my short version biography.

Terrified of the “terribly technophobic” I keep having visions of millions of children around the globe, getting my disease, and powerless to save them from a fate worse than death! They will live with dying as I did. At 70 years old I was actually able to control my disease! I am mad as hell, the brutal torture I endured was 100% preventable.

I was trained to make money, not how to be healthy! As an investment consultant being rich was great, but LIVING WITH DYING crawling on your hands and knees, choking on mucus and blood, money did not help me one bit. Look folks, I’ve been rich and now I am poor: poverty sucks! Still, I prefer poverty while being able to dance, cross country ski, and climb the hills to being a paraplegic.

Nothing wrong with anyone in a wheel chair, I dance with a few. I hope to give you a choice that I was denied by my government. 1998: I was able to reverse much of the memory loss brain damage that “canola oil” did to me. BUT to get well I was forced in 2005 to boycott all Canadian food unless I get a company to list all ingredients (despite our laws not requiring it) like Rudolph’s Bakery who were willing to do so. I was never able to get anyone to help me save Canadian children in my cause to get our food labelling laws into the 21st century, despite the fact these laws existed for over 50 years in both Europe and the United States.

The following are simple basics I use to control and reverse my Parkinsonism Disease. I have tested my system on a woman, nearly beaten to death by a maniac husband who smashed her scull against a wall leaving her with severe memory disabilities. I put her at 62 years of age on my system because she complained of terrible pains after eating. In 24 hours her pain completely disappeared! I was astounded, jealous, because it takes me months to reverse each attack. She is 65and today her health has improved remarkably and her skin is lovely, providing she stays off Canola oil.

My mother took a brain seizure from 4 drugs a doctor gave her that she did not even need. Today at 93 she has total recall beyond anything I can ever hope to achieve. It works if you work it. I wake each day sick; it take 3-4 hours to get me functional. Then I can go dance, dance, and dance. A strange side effect is my diet system is anti-aging. That was never my goal, but if you feed your brain, it rejuvenates sending out correct signals which make you stronger, younger, longer.

I hate indoor exercising so I shop in air conditioned malls, mostly spring, summer, fall, because I cannot breath outside safely anywhere in Sudbury. Otherwise, wherever possible - I dance! Due to my dangerously low immune system (caused by canola) I cannot stop eye and lung infections entirely. Winter is my best time. Find a way to work your body that you enjoy. Dancing and cross country skiing are by far the best way to stop my legs from turning to mush.

I endured crippling attacks since age six (1989 diagnosed in New York as Parkinsonism Disease) and until recently, going from death to dancing! Now at 70 a lifetime of brutality, I survived a holocaust. The following is in no way complete, but herein contained is my simplified version. Beware of Canadian food labels, as CANOLA CRAPPOLA, M.S.G. and a mountain of toxic chemicals (deadly dangerous to children from inception to age 15) are in the product but not required by law to be listed here. Yet if exporting to the U.S.A. they must have full disclosure on the label. Health Canada is entirely responsible for massive chronic illness that destroyed my life and the lives of generations to come.

NO WHITE SUGAR, NO WHITE CARBOHYDRATES. NO CANOLA CRAPPOLA, NO M.S.G., CHEMICAL ADDITIVES, if you cannot spell it, it’s probably Toxic. I choose to EAT NO FOOD FROM MEXICO, CHINA, AFRICA & SOUTH AMERICA. If you cannot grow it closer to home, imported foods too often are contaminated with bug eggs (spiders) deadly virus, bacteria (it killed 2 people in Sudbury, one in Brazil in 8 days!)

North America cannot control massive amount of containers imported. It is dangerous in my opinion to trust these countries to do that job properly for us. And we do not control what is either on it or what it grew in? In the Sudbury area the ground is contaminated with Arsenic/ sulphuric acid which caused our increase in disease and genetic mutations. Most children’s physical and mental dysfunctions were caused by poisoned air/food/water. My entire diet is too complex to list here. Staying alive is hard work and being computer illiterate, it is guaranteed to never get published, sorry. Thanks to Sylvie and Tim, I got the courage to get a website with my diet system. It took me several years to edit it down to what is basic, and proved to be very successful to almost all, with the exception being, those people who simply are without the discipline it takes to get well.

Getting healthy is hard work. I have a great body at 70, but it did not grow on a tree - it was damn hard work. Walking one hour in clean fresh air, means I must drive a car to find it. Thanks to mom’s addiction to men and my brother’s abusive theft of mom’s income properties, I am forced to live, crawling on my hands and knees to climb 3 flights of stairs, in a house that is killing me with gas fumes from the furnace. Trapped in a poisonous environment drowning in a sea of toxic chemicals, the air permeating with gas, oil, and diesel, acid everywhere causing my eyes to burn with pain, (all of which I am allergic to) doomed to fight for my life on a daily basis in a city of Neanderthals who would destroy both the lives of their children and all future generations to come… rather than bring in tough pollution controls. Why? Well, gees, god forbid that they should care!

To get well, I must drive one hour to find an area that does not have a high degree of gasoline, diesel, oil, toys i.e.: ATV’s & skidoos are everywhere. I cannot go anywhere without wearing a gas mask. Even if I find a clean air hill to climb, except for winter - I face mountain lions, bears and wolves. Wolves I don’t mind, they keep their distance. Bears so unpredictable they scare the hell out me. Exercise is a must, extremely important part of my program, but running down a street in toxic hydrocarbons is total insanity. You must do it in clear clean air.

Caution: I DO use doctors & drugs when necessary. However; I make all decisions. Today, one day at a time, nobody gets to control my body but me. Here are the main food ingredients that I use to reverse my terminal attacks and brain damage, & my mother’s brain seizure 2006 and she has total memory recall, drives her own car and dances with me at 94.

These first two items took me a lifetime to discover. I have tested this on hundreds of people - with amazing success! No matter what you choose to do, NOT EATING CANOLA OIL, & eating RAW OKRA 2-3 EVERY DAY, AND EATING COOKED (not white) ½ CUP RED SWISS CHARD ONCE A WEEK ARE A MUST!

1. OKRA RAW. 2 - 3 a day. Anti-aging feeds the brain and restores memory. Do not cook. Cooking may be good for heart disease but cooked it will not restore memory. I am never cured. I was so happy March &April cross country skiing, running up a 2,000 foot trail on skies, I forgot to eat okra for almost a month. April 21 I skied on the mountain top and later that day I could not even remember how to spell my own Name! Gal at Wal-Mart (getting my ski photos) spelled it for me! Knowing me very well, she said, did you eat any canola? No. I said, when it dawned on me, I said, “Oh my god! I was so healthy & happy, I forgot to eat okra! That night I ate six okra and the very next day slowly my brain started to wake-up. It took me, however, a week to get my brain signals 100% reversed. Fortunately, I am so well now I did not paralyze. April 22, I skied with my friend Dan, and I had the best day of my entire life. Can you imagine what I felt like, me who just 2 years ago had to crawl on my hands and knees to climb the stairs in our house & in excruciating pain… NOW AT THE AGE OF 71, I LOOKED, FELT BEAUTIFUL, I COULD CLIMB CAPREOL MOUNTAIN ON X-COUNTRY SKIES! Caution: I am never cured - but by the grace of g.o.d. I can control my disease. So if I can do it at 70, it my prayer and hope that you can too.

2. RED SWISS CHARD must be cooked. . ½ cup a week or every day one spoon. Detoxifies, liver, gall bladder, kidneys. I add apple cider vinegar to all meals. Organic foods, fruit, vegetables as much as possible otherwise clean with a good garden wash first before eating. Raw does not detox, it must be cooked to work. (Okra must be raw or it will not work).

3. ODOURLESS GARLIC PILLS. I take up to 10 four times a day during flu season. I prevent as much as possible, or a simple cut infects, & lungs infect 3 hours after exposure to any virus. Even a cold on me can be dangerous. If you find you are allergic to garlic, get IP-6 with INOSITOL USA BRAND. Canadian brand made me sick. As it is constipating, take with salad & high fibre. Find out what works for you, except do not take strong laxatives.

4 A. MOUTH WASH with peroxide, wash hands immediately after being out in public. Sore throat recipe: 3 spoon salt, ¼ cup white vinegar (do not swallow) in full cup of distilled water. Gargle ECT. 4 B. DO NOT DRINK OR COOK WITH TAP WATER, USE ONLY DISTILLED. If not, boil tap water first, fan toxins from boiling tap water out the window. For 56 years fumes from boiling water triggered a horrific paralysis agonizing attack! I did not realize it was the water!

5. BLUE CHEESE “Rosenborg” it is one of nature’s antibiotic. No calcium chloride, it is a salt, as any salt, is known to trigger heart disease and kidney disease.

6. MSA GAS MASK, if driving or working in fumes of any kind. See picture mine.

7. OLIVE OIL is best for everything. Coconut oil is okay if you are not overweight.

8. YOGURT ALL NATURAL, 0 FATS. Keeps bowels healthy, controls yeast infections. Mom eats yogurt with fresh fruit and okra every day as do I.

9. NO WHITE SUGARS WHAT SO EVER, I substitute with honey. Got a sweet tooth? Ok substitute with organic dates (no sulphites). I hated dates, now I love them and they are part a daily treat after skiing, dancing or walking in the bush.

10. APPLE CIDER VINEGAR, Heinz, not white. White is toxic but excellent for cleaning kills germs along with baking soda. I prefer Heinz (so far), others made me sick. But there is no guarantee. Companies change recipes daily, be careful.

11. NO TOXIC CLEANERS, BLEACH, AMMONIA ECT. THROW EVERYTHING OUT as they are the main cause of much brain damage like Alzheimer’s and Cancers.

12. NO STRIPPED CARBOHYDRATES like white bread or white pasta. I use only high fibre, natural brown rice, multi-grain pasta, Rudolph 5 grain oat bread. People with colitis or gluten intolerance find what works for you! NO RESTAURANT IS SAFE. New York was safe, as until 1994 Canola was banned in the USA (& parts of Europe) and MSG was also banned in New York. The last time I was there in 1989, I was in food heaven! Today it is safer for me NOT TO EAT other people’s food. Invite a friend and dine at home. I used to love having home parties cheaper, safer & fun. Trapped here, sadly, I can’t do that anymore.

13. FENNEL, COOKED OR RAW will help to detox bad fat from your cells and is a good weight loss companion to any meal.

14. FROZEN VEGETABLES AND FRUIT have more Vitamin C and nutrients than imported from California to Canada. Or the reverse by truck - as the longer exposed to air, the quicker they loose their nutritional values. I do not buy fresh produce grown in this “Sewer Hole of the Planet - Sudbury“ no pollution controls, all of our 300 lakes are contaminated so I do not eat fish. About But one hour’s drive I go to buy from farmers I trust. I recommend you do the same, explore your area, make it a family affair. Ostracized, I do not have family, my new friends are all younger and still working, so I go it alone, to discover and meet lovely new people.

15. WATER IS VITAL: There are two kinds of minerals. One from water is not biodegradable for humans, the minerals in it are microscopic rocks. Only plant minerals are digestible by humans and animals. Metalic and rock minerals will cause kindney disease, brain damage such as Alzheimers. Never go 5 hours without water.

Dehydration will cause pottasium to be released from our cells into the blood at a highly elevated level. The next stage can be Angina and a heart attack! Do drink your distilled water regularly and especially when stressed, or if out bottled spring water is better than nothing, dancing, excersising or cross country skiing. Interesting that I have seen athletes working out and carrying bottled water but I never knew why? If they did not - they could take a heart attack, that is why!


Meats should be used sparingly, and not the main course. To start: NO PROCESSED MEATS WITH CHEMICALS. Find a store that carries a good all natural Artisan brands of ham and salami. To detox they should be avoided.

1. CHICKEN FIRST. Prime grain fed or organic free range. I use skinless boneless, soup with vegetables, carrots, onions, red Swiss chard, broccoli and fennel. I love Arabic, Indian, Italian, Spanish and Mediterranean style foods and spices. I also adore their dances and their music too. I am not a good enough cook to duplicate them so I stick to red pepper, buckets of garlic, no salt, dill weed, parsley and curry. Curry here does not taste like my East Indian pals used.

Re: Traffic fumes. To detox, no white carbohydrates, or pasta. Otherwise put in whatever pleases you. Stay on it 3 days. Quick fix at night: Potato, olive oil, plain yogurt and 6 okra, will help to flush out some gas or diesel exposed stuck in traffic. My gas mask helps but fumes get inside the car on my clothes. Auto executives should be in jail. Car manufacturers could easily have changeable charcoal/dust filters inside the dash, costing about $10.00 for the parts inside a car while on the assembly line. It‘s just so easy to stop fumes from invading inside a car, yet no one cares…#$%^#$ makes me so ticked off! Toyota does, but even they are idiots. All are so dumb. Who needs cold winter air forced into your defrost? The defrost system is insane as it switches to outside air, instead of rotating thru the panel inside air. Less fumes, and less costly on equipment. All cars & trucks are the same. So get this folks, we drive in winter, sucking in cold toxic traffic air fumes that must be warmed up through the heater, and in summer we suck in toxic traffic hot air fumes, then it is cooled through the air-conditioner. How dumb is that?

2. GRAIN FED VEAL. Steaks are too hard to digest, wait until you are very well before eating them and they must be without chemicals and drugs.

3. ANGUS BEEF, CORN FED, ORGANIC. Until well, never. Then once per month. Beef is the cause of gout, one of the many forms of arthritis, strokes, heart disease. LAMB or sheep is best. Arabs have a very healthy mainly vegetarian diet in this regard.

4. PORK: GRAIN FED, no antibiotics or drugs.


6. FISH. NO COD OR SUCKER FISH OF ANY KIND. Pickerel, Rainbow Trout, Bass or if available Arctic Char (now on the endangered species list). Smaller fish have less exposure to our pollutants we dump. Pike made me sick. And I nearly died on Cod. Sardines in any oil but Canola are ok.

7. SEAFOOD, VERY HARD DIGEST. Best to avoid until you are really well. Scallops: Frozen, some East Coast Scallops are small, cook very fast & sweeter in flavour; & may go extinct too. I buy frozen cooked jumbo shrimp, thaw them in boiling water, to kills any bacteria they main contain. Lobster, treat as shrimp.

8. NO TUNA OR LARGE FISH, they are too heavily polluted. Stick to fresh (if available, only small fish like sardines, fresh water Rainbow Trout, small Bass (if you can get it), prefer Arctic Char but they are now endangered so not available very often. I do not eat fish more than once a month because I am trained vegetarian & it’s easier for me to digest.

9. EGGS, Omega 3, organic or free range. I still cannot digest eggs well so I must take 2 Senecot with every egg meal or constipate for days triggering internal toxaemia and a migraine or crippling attack. Some people are ok with eggs. I can’t so I may eat less than 5 eggs in a year! Get to know yourself & judge accordingly.

10. Cheese, same as eggs.

11. BREAD, ORGANIC ALL NATURAL HIGH FIBRE, sour dough is best as it should not have any oil and/or chemicals added. Rudolph 5 grain bread from Toronto also contains oats which have proven to prevent bowel cancer. Hard harsh fibres like some wheat and flax seeds (unless finely ground) cause me to bleed, will score your bowels like eating small razor blades! Yikes. If in Canada, Canola may not be listed. There was a bread multi-grain finely ground brand, FRED & ALICE; NO SUGAR NO FAT but in this land of Neanderthals, not popular and got discontinued! If any bakery will not supply full ingredient list, DO NOT BUY THERE. If more people were more demanding for NO CANOLA CRAPPOLA, or INGREDIENTS LISTED, we could cut 80% of our chronic illness. Not born sick, I was made sick by our government despotic maniacal sociopathic corruption, namely: Health Canada! * * * *

Next: BASIC ALLERGIES: FROM MY 1989 RESEARCH IN NEW YORK CITY. Dust Mites: Maintain 45% (or less) humidity and they die! At 46% and higher they breed by the billions. Remove all carpeting. Keep floors clean with white vinegar and baking soda to wash your clothes. Avoid all perfumes and soaps. As your health improves you may use 100% cotton carpets but no synthetics. NO SOAP: Wash everything in baking soda.

BEAUTY TIPS: I bath in olive oil, and baking soda. Bit messy on the tub but wow, the result on my skin at 71 surprised even me! Last week at my favourite grocery store cashier says, “You never go in the sun do you?” Ah, well, not much. Heat and sun make me sick. Why? I asked. She said, “You have beautiful skin. Bet you don’t use soap either?” No! I don’t but I am shocked you would notice that! Suddenly a customer listening said, “She’s right you really do have beautiful skin! How old are you?” I said with great pride, “Turned 71 September 29.” I then said, “Ya. But I don’t eat any CANOLA CRAPPOLA and follow a strict diet too. I am trying to get a website to share with the world, truthfully it ain’t easy. This body didn’t grow on a tree - it was darn hard work!” I looked old to me, unaware that my skin was beautiful. Truly amazes me. I was never trying to get beautiful or younger, just wanted to stop being a paraplegic in pain. NO HAIR DYES WITH AMMONIA, MAJOR CAUSE OF CANCER & BRAIN DAMAGE, ALL AVAILABLE IF YOU DEMAND IT!

BEDROOM: Is the most important room - while you sleep your immune system will weaken. Cover mattress with non-toxic covers. Cheap plastic bleeds toxic petroleum oil into you breathe. Biotech Activated Charcoal filters on while you sleep for breathing difficulties, asthma ECT. SNIFF TEST: If you can smell it, it is toxic! Stable plastic and vinyl carpeting does not smell. Same with clothes. China and India are notorious for using deadly toxic dyes. Sniff it! If you sneeze, cough or choke, it can trigger asthma or so-called allergic attacks. So-called because our government medical dark ages, refuse to admit we are being poisoned. Acrylic is dangerous for babies immunity, its’ fibres break, trap in their lungs & such unknowns can cause sudden death syndrome. Cotton, natural fibbers’ are best.

MOLD; IS ONE OF THE MOST DEADLY TOXINS IN OUR HOMES & CARS. Keep a light on in kitchen and bathroom (wet areas breed mold rapidly) but light kills mold. Their spores are microscopic, cannot be seen yet they fly about rapidly making spring and rainy fall weather the worst time for me. Mold can only grow in damp wet conditions. But not all molds are toxic. Moulds in blue cheeses and mushrooms can be a life saver. Basements can kill you. Dripping pipes and facets create a paradise for mold spores and a death sentence to children. Do not cover cement walls, seeping water - this makes mold grow worse. Get a contractor to do it RIGHT! Wear a gas mask, or good painters filter mask to vacuum and work such as sawing, painting, cleaning. A low immune system compromised by toxins, chemicals air/food/water, will take 2 years of diligent work but you can recover. As we have no pollution control laws, driving is hazardous to your health and you should get a good gas mask providing you are not a smoker. Get help, new drugs can help loose nicotine addiction in just 3 weeks, ask your pharmacist or doctor.

CHEMICAL HYPERSENSITIVITIES, TOXIC SHOCK SYNDROME OR SO-CALLED ALLERGIC ATTACKS: (If you and 100 people eat arsenic, one may die, 8 may get sick and seemingly recover but remain weak for the rest of their life, and the rest all become mentally deficient, would you believe they are just “ALLERGIC”? Or would you admit THEY WERE POISONED!) I SAY THAT AS A SOCIETY WE ARE POISONED! Ok. So when you take an “allergic” attack, or like me go into “toxic shock syndrome” you do the following:

FIRST: Do not lie down. The attacks will reduce if you walk, pace, pace, keep your body moving, to induce adrenalin, use an ice pack at the base of your head and neck. You can control most of these attacks by knowing what the causes are from, preventing and keep your body moving, no matter how painful, keep moving and breath as much clean fresh air as possible. I drive IN A GAS MASK one hour to do that & it’s worth it! If you think Canola is okay, think about this! Why let Monsanto who made DDT, or makers of mustard gas WWI, Agent Orange Viet Nam, and CHEMICAL WARFARE Gulf War; control your food industry, agriculture and medical field? I know I got brain damage, but what is your excuse?


Toxic chemicals affect everybody! Some get cancer and some die. Countless suffer, millions chronically ill, while too many are housebound, forgotten, ignored. I choose to not be housebound, so I wear a gas mask instead! This is the end of section one. Next is a very small sample of media, & science. Since Canola oil was banned in the United States & most of Europe until 1994 for good reason, rape seed oil alias Canola oil caused all the symptoms of my disease to animals that ate it. That is a verifiable fact and I do not consider we need know anything more than that! Section Two is my photo bio & my photo shorter version biography.

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