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Video below is restricted, language not for children. Chapter #1 - my biography 27 chapters - Click direct to Youtube for full true story that will never get published.  Recorded by me for the millions of children who are being born like me, who will never get properly diagnosed or sane medical treatment - whose lives will be destroyed by our corruption and a society gone made with greed!  Also all videos with sample photos for historical purposes free to anyone wishing to publish or share infinitum:


This photo slide is a mixed up mess from  1985-2016.  I was too sick, too exhausted to put it into any real order & Youtube discontinued photo slides.  I keep it for posterity to remind me of how far I've come, from where I was.  

 Photo slide, to reflect my life early years, some of mom's family we had great parties on the farm +  my career successful, beautiful but hiding illness.  It is a reflection of the me people cared about.  Of course that all changed when I became terminal..