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I cured mom's and my chronic Bronchitis so long ago - I had quite forgotten what I did!  I belong to a natural herb and holistic healing group and this question is being asked so often I felt I needed to address it. First of course was raw baby okra and the diet for disease control that is in the two places on this site.  The simple Okra4life is for people sick.  The 2nd section is in for doctors, scientist and people interested in extensive in depth information title: Research 2013  diet4all & was done for me when I was still too brain damaged & my computer internet knowledge limited, so a dear friend Len Voycey completed it for me.  I took a mild heart attack trying to get my research onto the internet for historical purposes.  So Len stepped in to finish it for me.  Since then I have completed several more diets for disease and all are not yet here but on another site dedicated to seniors and my Dan. 


What follows is what I did to cure our Bronchitis by dealing with all the causes & prevention No. 1 is the environment you live in, work in, where and how you get your life's pleasures, exercise & dancing.