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Things you should know about Canola oil - video.

True story followed by Samples of evidence since deleted from libraries, only copies left on proof that Canola oil aka Rapeseed oil is not fit for animal or human consumption; which Health Canada knew when they worked on the take to Monsanto to promote it and get the FDA ban lifted in 1994:  

Copies of science is also on my free website in larger print and can be downloaded free; www.okra-diet-detox.com
Sadly all this research will disappear when I die so I have uploaded on Youtube as much as I could, my entire diet system, and a page on Facebook title; Canola is toxic in the hope that someday the truth will be exposed and save millions of children from the brutal suffering I have endured all my life.  

Small sample of the cost of creating chronic illness 1989 - since then the billions are now 2018m incomprehensible!!
And almost 100% preventable.