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SEVERE CONSTIPATION IS EPIDEMIC IN NORTH AMERICA FROM JUNK & PROCESSED FOODS.  Adding raw baby okra several a day will have amazing results.  Due to my Parkinsonism crippling attacks, I cannot exercise every day, just  is not possible but doing the above stomach exercises is necessary to get the bowels moving.  Adding ground chia to meals and with meat I always add senna leaves Senokot pill as meat has no fibre at all.  Protein like eggs need extra fibre as well.  Follow a mainly organic fresh plant based diet with okra will cure many bowel problems.  Diet alone is not enough, we need to exercise to stay healthy.  Dancing and cross country skiing is by far the best but skiing down hill does not use your entire body like cross country skiing does.  Walking in clean fresh air (no traffic fumes) is wonderful of course.  Dancing is something you can do year round no matter what the weather conditions.