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HYALURONIC ACID: A recent discovery of mine is that Okra is a good source of Hyaluronic Acid which is anti-aging.  I have known since 1995 that it reverses brain damage and is has anti-aging benefits but did not realize that hyaluronic acid was one of the many health benefits of eating raw Okra.  Other sources are (organic chicken), avocados, cauliflower, green beans, green lettuce of all kinds, spinach.  Warning regarding spinach, never eat within 3 hours of yogurt, milk or any calcium high food as there is a chemical in spinach that will stop your body from getting any calcium from food.  The best sources besides Okra are sweet potatoes, carrots and bananas as they also contain magnesium which is necessary to help the body to synthesize hyaluronic acid.  Hyaluronic acid is necessary for joint lubrication and especially needed for Osteoarthritis or all joint ailments. 

post date: September 12, 2015

FAVOURITE FOOD:  SIMPLE SALAD.  Fresh blue berries, grape tomatoes, sliced Pineapple,  baby cucumber, field baby greens (containing huge varieties, such as Red Romain, Green Oak, Red Swiss Chard, Arugula, Beet tops, Radicchio, Tat Soi, etc.) clean fresh button white mushrooms, sliced carrots, diced red onion.  I prefer Camelina Oil but Olive Oil is cheaper. Mrs. Dash & red Cayenne pepper with splash of pure apple cider vinegar. 

Due to my constipation difficulties, I add one small spoon of the above Nutracleanse  Product.  Sometimes adding a few bits of crumpled Danish Blue Cheese as I love the difference in flavour.

Organic apples and grapes are my brunch after skiing along with a few Dates.  I keep dates in my jeep for healthy snack and energy pick me up.

Simple meal vegetarian protein.  I am not much of a cook, having been sick all my life, so I was taught by an elder Chinese Gentleman how to cook mainly in a WOK or stove top.  This delicious meal is made up of cooked brown rice.  Bring pot to boil and always add rice slowly leaving about 2-3" of distilled water.  Bring to boil again, then turn to simmer, cover tightly 1 hour and don't peek, or you will loose the steam.  Then throw into WOK sliced peppers, steam cooked broccoli, red or white onions, mushrooms (which are a protein) and any other veggies you like.  I added sliced olives for flavour as I never use salt.  Mrs. Dash Garlic and Red Cayenne Pepper is my choice as both are very healthy and great flavor.


LECITHIN  IS AN IMPORTANT SUPPLEMENT.  Vegetarian 7th Day Adventist medical staff back in 1966 put me on it.  Frankly I keep forgetting why I take it & go off it.  Sandy my wonderful connection in Oregon recently reminded me why.  Mom 96 is smarter than me she stayed on it.  

LECITHIN aids in emulsifying fats, enabling them to be disbursed in water!  This can reduce fatty build-up in liver & reduce risk of liver disease.  Sandy also noted that pure Maple Syrup protects our liver from high fat get effects.  Not saying slopping maple syrup all over your steak is a cure but can be highly beneficial.

Above photo 2015, April Caruso Club Ballroom Dance. Mom Rollande 96, Dan 68, me Trudi 73.  I made both skirts, my top, and purchased the matching tops for Dan and mother.  Even if we don't feel so hot, in pain, nothing stops us from dancing when ever we can.  We are never bored and always enjoy being together.  I keep mom and Dan's diet in check.  I prefer to climb Capreol Mountain to ski as cold weather the bugs are asleep and my Parkinsonism Disease is less controllable in warm weather.  Dance, music & skiing along with strictly controlling my diet - I boycott Canadian food and never eat other people's food except for Capreol Restaurant who will cook for me without Canola Crappola.  Please feel free to share your recipes with me at ookkrraa70@gmail.com  Another websites I like are listed in my links.  

www.nutracleanse.biz  Product is organic all natural 150 year old recipe. After a life time of severe constipation & bleeding due to paralyzing attacks, Parkinsonism Disease, nothing worked.  I eat plenty of yogurt plus took ProBiotics for a year and all that did for me was cause gas & leaking..  April 27, 2015 I am happy to report that this product has made a major difference for me.  I tested it, every day, one large tablespoon in either yogurt or salad for one month and saw an improvement such as less bleeding.  After 2 months, stool is almost normal and no bleeding.  I still must use Senecot if eating meat or eggs. However; Until I tried this product I had to use Anosul Plus daily to stop the bleeding & so much fiber that often I got very little nutrition from my food.  In Sudbury, Ontario Canada, the Wellness Shop on Regent St. carries it for $33.00 but that bag is so large I only used 15% in 2 months, much cheaper than Anosul, and ProBiotics which cost me almost $50.00 per month.  





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I am a messy cook, seen here in Dan's kitchen.  Thank god he does not mind cleaning up after me since he loves the meals I make. Above are two simple meals.  One is organic pork tenderloin sliced into small pieces. then quick fried in olive oil with plenty of sliced onions.  Fresh green beans, and mixed veggies added once cooked, simmer in its own juices a few minutes with Mrs. Dash and Red pepper.  The other is with Portabella Mushrooms (high in B complex vitamins in place of meat).  Sweet potato instead of white for Vitamin A. adding mix of diced onion, fresh vegetables simmered in its own juices.  Note:  Mushrooms cook very fast - add them last.

Okra restored my brain's memory and ability to relearn the meaning of words. 22 years I was unable to write or speak beyond the level of a child.  My research was done with the help of Collingwood media, library and Geri Simpson of Wasaga Beach.  Eating just a few fresh or frozen (never cooked) also worked wonders for my mom (96) who lost her memory from brain seizures caused by drugs her doctor gave her that she did not need.

Food can be fun as well as save your life, reverse brain damage & control diseases too numerous to list.

Favourite lunch:  Organic 0 fat yogurt with fresh strawberries and sliced okra.