O K R A  --D  I  E  T  4  ALL ,    I  N  C  L  U  D  E  S    A L L E R G I E S ,     D I S E A S ES ,   T O X I N S  &  C H E M I C A L S . 

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TAP TAP YOUR ADDICTIONS TO FOOD AWAY!  I am not the author of this system but in 8 days it worked on my food addictions that I had fought for over 2 years.  I found the original too complicated I just kept it simple.  I tapped every time I craved on all the pressure points which seems to put into your subconscious brain the message, "I will not eat chocolate etc."  I did that 10 times on each of the pressure points over & over when I craved, and 8 days later.  I stopped all the food addictions.  When I felt the urge I immediately tap tapped the cravings away!  I believe that tapping would work just as well for cigarette addicitons, if not then see below ween off system I used.

ADDICTIONS TO CIGS & COFFEE! 1966- 1982 Trudi paralyzing attacks all her life - here seen starving living off coffee & cigarettes.  At the time I was already allergic to gas, oil, diesel, cigars, but not cigs.  All my doctors were smokers, and weed smoke permeated he air at bars and mansion parties.  1988 I became allergic to cigs and getting of them was a nightmare, the addiction to nicotine withdrawal was extremely painful and caused hallucinations.  I was given a ween off system, if smoking 18 mg tar then the next pack should be 16, then 14, then 12, until you get to O.5 tar level.  At this point the nicotine in your system is very little and it is just a habit.  Tapping would have worked as well, but did not have that kind of information.