O K R A  --D  I  E  T  4  ALL ,    I  N  C  L  U  D  E  S    A L L E R G I E S ,     D I S E A S ES ,   T O X I N S  &  C H E M I C A L S . 

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JUNE 24, 2017 I'm not much of a cook. 76, fighting central nerve damage from a tumour on my leg ++ legal work up to my eyeballs... so i eat a lot of raw.  Fresh, organic as much as possible.  Nothing I do is perfect but I do what I can every day I live to fight for human rights is a day not wasted.  I can no long fight for the rights to know what is in Canadian food - I just boycott most Canadian packaged food.  If you or your child has allergies, you may also consider deleting glutton.  I don't because it has no effect on me, as i eat only grains that are organic or sourdough organic breads.   But for some people glutton is a problem.  Study your body and discover for yourself what works.  check out my other site for more diets i.e.; special for seniors & weight loss.  www.okra-diet-detox.com


I spent 66 years researching with European Health, American & Ancient remedies + Scientific agencies in the United States which for me by far - where the most helpful, caring & compassionate I ever encountered.  I never got any help in Canada.

Below is one video, verbally explaining for people who have reading problems.  All the basics of my okra diet system & also on Youtube videos 1-14 showing where to find,  to make it easier for you to learn what to do to change your lifestyle & become the best you - your body can be.  god bless all - please share, the life you save maybe millions around the globe someday.  God bless all.  Trudi Trahan-upchan Rights4all Activist.