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My autobiography has been revised hundreds of times and is available on my Facebook page on Google Docs as well as a short version on Youtube.  I finally finished it 2020 for the generations to come 200 years from now will all be born with my disease - Parkinsonism.

Doctors were killing me with their negligence, ignorance on chemical hypersensitivities, allergies and drugs that made me worse.  It took me until the age of 70 to get well because I was being denied the truth.  In Canada we do note even have the right to know what is in our food, toxic chemical additives and Canola oil were by far the worst causing my Parkinsonism Disease.  Today I use no drugs whatsoever and have managed without a family doctor.  Instead I use clinics so I can chose which doctor to see and maintain the right to my own body and what I put into it.  I do not endorse any products for money.  Everything I do is for free to share with the world to save someone from suffering as I did.
However; there are a few health supplements that I recommend because without them I cannot function and they are safe not toxic and affordable.